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Our office supports integrative medicine and firmly believes that a full body approach to treating each patient is very important. We support all Holistic Practitioners and work with them to achieve this goal for each patient.

Patient Testimonials!

My name is Natasha I have three children, two boys twelve and ten, and one daughter who is two.  Doctor Diana has been a wonderful inspiration and great help concerning the health of my children.  I have two asthmatic children, and Doctor Diana knows exactly what to do and how to do it.  I trust her completely with my children's health.  I look forward to a long relationship with her. She is a joy and just like part of the family.  The Scott's love Doctor D!

Natasha, mother of two sons, 1 daughter

As a postpartum doula, I recommend Dr. Lopusny to all of my clients. As a mother, I could not find a more caring pediatrician for my daughters. She took the time to learn about my daughter's rare epilepsy syndrome. I also like that she prescribes natural remedies both instead of and complimentary to traditional medicines.

Tina, mother of two daughters, ages 7 and 5

As a parent, one of the most important things to me was finding a pediatrician that I could trust with the health and well-being of my children. From the moment I first met her, I was confident that Dr. Lopusny was the perfect choice! Over the past five years, she has treated James, Molly and Wesley with the kind of care and concern that makes her seem more like a member of our family than our pediatrician.

The office of Preferred Pediatrics is warm and welcoming and above all else, helpful and accommodating. Morning, noon or night, Dr. Lopusny consistently puts her patients first and makes me feel like no matter how small the issue, she is always there. We travel over 25 minutes to the office and it wouldn't matter if she was across the state, she is more than worth the drive! I am thankful for all that Dr. Lopusny has done for our family and look forward to seeing my children grow up in her care. She is all that I could ever ask for in a pediatrician - and so much more!

Kayte, mother of two boys and
a girl, ages 9 months to 5 years

After meeting Dr. Lopusny, I knew that I needed to switch my two children to her practice, and I am beyond happy that I did! Her office is bright, friendly, and welcoming, and my children are always excited to see Dr.L and Meka. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has children, or is thinking about having children in the near future. The care we get is what every parent should be looking for in a great Pediatrician! Dr. Lopusny is the perfect fit for our style of parenting, and beliefs system, as we had previously struggled to find a good match.

Danielle, mother of two boys ages 1&2

I have FINALLY found the pediatrician I always dreamed about! I came to Preferred Pediatrics with the hopes of finding a practice familiar with home births and comfort-able with wanting to delay vaccinations for my children. Not only did I find that it in Preferred Pediatrics, Dr Lopusny and her staff respect the choices I've made for my children. Dr. Lopusny is knowledgeable in breast-feeding support, probiotics for babies/children, newborn doula care, vaccination schedules, and chiropractic services for children. Dr. Lopusny is an amazing person and she has become a part of my family. When I'm worried about the health of my child, Dr. Lopusny is there to give me support anytime of day, any day of the week; she will do everything in her power to help my child feel better. And, she also asks how 'Mom' is feeling too! I always feel safe when I walk through the doors of Preferred Pediatrics. With beautifully hand painted murals on the walls, a very clean environment and a friendly staff, Dr. Lopusny sets herself apart from all the rest. Dr. Lopusny and her staff really care and I have complete trust in Dr. Lopusny.

Glorvina, Mother of one boy and a girl,
ages 4 years and 9 months

As a mother of a child that was born with numerous birth defects, I was very particular to the kind of care I should have for my daughter. Then I met Dr. Diana Lopusny. She has given my daughter the extra special pro-fessional care that enabled her to grow into a normal 3 year old little girl. Dr. D is kind, warm, down to earth, and respectful of your thoughts and feelings. Preferred Pediatrics is child friendly, calming and not to mention immaculately clean. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful pediatric practice to care for my most prized possession.

Amy, mother of one daughter, age 3

Dr. Lopusny has been a part of our family for almost 6 years now. We were very lucky to find her prior to our son Brendan’s arrival into this world. We immediately felt a connection to Dr. Lopusny and knew that she was the doctor for our son. Dr. Lopusny was our pediatrician in Norwalk, and fortunately for us she moved to the Stratford area when we did. When she opened her own practice in Milford we were more than happy to follow her. Dr. Lopusny is a friendly, compassionate, under-standing and knowledgeable physician who has always been there when we needed her. Dr. Lopusny’s know-ledge extends beyond her own practice. She has aided us several times in finding resources for Brendan when we needed them. When Brendan is upset about having his ears checked, or temperature taken Dr. Lopusny offers him patience and understanding in a calm and effective manner. Dr. Lopusny will continue to be a part of our family for many years to come. There is no one we trust more with our son.

Parents of Brendan age 5

At a time when I was struggling amidst my adolescence, I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Diana Lopusny, who has eternally impacted my life. Since I had reached the age where my male pediatrician no longer performed my physicals, I was somewhat nervous meeting Dr. Diana for the first time. However, regardless of my anxiety, I can safely say that we had a strong connection from day one.
Although the thought of sharing private personal information with a doctor usually frightens me, I feel the opposite with Dr. Diana. Not only can I confide in her with health concerns, I am comfortable enough to call her regardless of any situation I find myself in. Dr. Diana has such a contagious, free-spirit about her. What is most refreshing about her is that I know she treats every other patient of hers the same way she treats me. In such a difficult world she is able to offer irreplaceable talents, both medically and personally, to most everyone she communicates with.
Above the support she has always given me, Dr. Diana has also inspired me to pursue a career in the medical field. My goal is to help people in the effortless way she does; especially concerning a patient’s physical and emotional wellness. Ultimately, my hope is to someday inspire young women just as Dr. Diana has motivated me.

Jackie - Trumbull High Student

After a visit with Dr. Lopusny this afternoon I felt compelled to write a testimonial and share my experience.
My wife and I had become frustrated with a previous pediatric practice because we felt our commitment to caring for our children through natural means was not understood or respected. Furthermore, we felt the doctors lacked expertise in any approach outside of medication and vaccinations and that our concerns with both were not taken seriously. Our appointment became uncomfortable and we decided to look elsewhere. Thankfully with Dr. Lopusny and Preferred Pediatrics our search is now over.
As a chiropractor, the question I was most interested in finding out upon meeting Dr. Lopusny was whether she herself was merely "tolerant" of natural health or whether she embraced it. Thankfully, the answer was the latter. I am extremely impressed with Dr. Lopusny's approach to health and the enthusiasm and conviction with which she presents and applies it within her own practice.
Both my wife and I feel Dr. Lopusny is an excellent addition to our health team and someone we can truly count on. For parents seeking the absolute best care for their children in a warm, loving environment I strongly recommend Dr. Lopusny and Preferred Pediatrics.

Yours in Health
Dr. Matthew

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